Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jury hears 2 more witnesses in trial of former officers (Shenandoah hate-crime cover-up)

Pictured: Ramirez with child

link: http://republicanherald.com/news/jury-hears-2-more-witnesses-in-trial-of-former-officers-1.1091860

WILKES-BARRE - Two Shenandoah policemen on duty the night an illegal Mexican immigrant was fatally beaten lost their desire to solve the case the instant they learned who assaulted the man, a witness testified Tuesday in the federal trial of those two and their former chief.

"They looked shocked, confused," Edward Ney said of how William Moyer and Jason Hayes appeared after speaking with the young men who were involved in the beating of Luis Eduardo Ramirez Zavala. "The drive that they had to catch the individuals had changed."

What the drive had changed to, according to prosecutors, was a desire to protect the youths - one of whom was the son of Hayes' girlfriend - who had beaten Ramirez on July 12, 2008, on West Lloyd Street in Shenandoah....

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