Thursday, November 11, 2010

People will come to terms with their pain...

Pastors say teen's suicide struck chord

People from across Valley express shock, bewilderment

By Evamarie Socha The Daily Item

[Karl Polm-Faudre, director of education, research and outreach in the spiritual care division of the Geisinger Health System, has a different take on community reaction.

"I think the tragedy stems not from (Brandon's) decision to take his own life," he said. "The tragedy stems from a community and an environment in which he could not thrive."

Polm-Faudre said in his regular clergy study group — which encompasses Episcopal, Lutheran and United Church of Christ — everyone was aware of bullying that's present in there areas, "and these are people from Mazeppa to Lewisburg, Sunbury, Benton, Berwick ..." he said.

"I think the message we would want to give is that the community needs to take stock of the anti-gay rhetoric that's been going on, especially from some political and religious circles," Polm-Faudre said. "Because this is giving permission for bullying, harassment and name calling."

People will come to terms with their pain, Beall said, but to stay there, things will need to change.]

MIDDLEBURG — Brandon Bitner's suicide has struck such a chord with folks that the Rev. Julia Beall is even fielding questions at the grocery store.

People don't hesitate "to catch up and share their thoughts and hurts, ask questions," said the pastor of First United Church of Christ, Middleburg. The teenager's funeral was Wednesday.....


Rest in Peace Brandon.

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