Thursday, November 11, 2010

High School Anti-bullying Statement in PA

[Parents decided it was time to make the district know they want more done to protect other kids from that type of abuse.

"We can't have no more of this happening to kids. They need somewhere to go and talk. Most of them won't talk to nobody because they're afraid to," said Rena Michael of Middleburg.

Middleburg police and state police were on hand only as a precaution. Michelle Krick has a daughter at the high school and wanted to join others in the cause to put a stop to bullying.

"We're here supporting our children who are here in school, holding hands, doing the same thing we're doing. We want them to know we love them, support them," Krick said.]


There was a police presence at the school where they insist bullying is not tolerated. It comes one day after the funeral for a boy who,according to his family, committed suicide because he was teased and ridiculed.

The suicide note a 14-year-old Midd West student left last week said he had been bullied for years.

Thursday students and their parents in Snyder County intended to show they were against bullying by holding hands outside the school but police were called and the school kept the students indoors.

Dozens of people came out to support students inside Midd West High School after a freshman's suicide note claimed he could not take the ridicule and name calling anymore.....

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libhom said...

Wow, I remember how painful bullying was in Jr. High School. I am so glad I kept looking ahead.