Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pastor: Girl saw teenager [Brandon Bitner] slammed into wall

But the Rev. Julia Beall, pastor of First United Church of Christ in Middleburg, said Tuesday her youngest daughter told Beall she'd seen Brandon being bullied.

"My youngest daughter witnessed an act of bullying against him," Beall said. "He was thrown into a wall. It happened in a hallway where there were a lot of witnesses."

Beall said her daughter told her about this incident last week "before everything happened. There were a few things that happened last week with a couple different people, and she came home and mentioned it," Beall said.

Pastor: Girl saw teenager slammed into wall

MIDDLEBURG — Snyder County District Attorney Michael Piecuch will meet Friday with officials at Midd-West High School to discuss alleged bullying at the school that may be behind a freshman's suicide last week.

"I want to have a conversation with (school officials) about what they're doing, what I can be doing to support them, the kids and the school," Piecuch said Tuesday.

Brandon Bitner, 14, ran in front of a tractor-trailer at 3 a.m. Friday on Routes 11-15 near Liverpool, killing himself, according to state police at Newport. In his suicide note, Bitner wrote that he was bullied for five years and "it's time for it to end," and that Midd-West might learn a lesson from his actions.....

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