Tuesday, November 9, 2010

More on Brandon Bitner suicide in PA

Search continues for answers in Midd-West teen's suicide

MOUNT PLEASANT MILLS - There are no official answers yet to the role bullying played in the suicide Friday of a 14-year-old Midd-West High School freshman, and school administrators, friends and family are still looking for what led to the young man’s tragic end.

Brandon Bitner, a 14-yearold Midd-West freshman, said in his suicide note that he’d been victimized by bullies for five years and as recently as two days before his death, said Brandon’s mother, Tammy Simpson.

Simpson said Brandon was different, and “I think he scared people,” she said. “Pretty much the way he dressed” in a goth, dark style, plus Bitner’s softspokeness and friendships with girls, she said, prompted other students to make comments about Brandon’s sexual orientation.

“It all came down to sexual questions,” she said Monday.....

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