Thursday, August 13, 2009

'No evidence' of US [military] atrocities against gay Iraqi civilians

‘No evidence’ of US atrocities against gay Iraqi civilians - from Pink News - all the latest gay news from the gay community - Pink News
The US military has confirmed no evidence has been found of US soldiers committing atrocities against gay Iraqi civilians.

Last month, two Iraqi refugees claimed they had photographic evidence of US troops executing gay men.

They sparked astonishment at a LGBT meeting in Lebanon when they showed graphic images of beheaded corpses and photographs which apparently depicted US soldiers preparing to execute a group of naked, chained men. They claimed the men were gay civilians.

One of the refugees, known as Hussam, said he had images of the aftermath of the execution but would not give them to a Washington Blade reporter who was present.

The men then asked the 70-member audience to donate money to Helem, a not-for-profit gay group in Lebanon.

An army probe was launched when the allegations surfaced.

However, a spokesman confirmed in an email to the Blade yesterday that no "credible evidence" had been found to support the accusations.

He also revealed that in a sworn statement, Hussam said his words had been taken out of context, misquoted and misunderstood due to language barriers....

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libhom said...

The US military almost never acknowledges atrocities against any civilians in Iraq.