Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Deployment Game: Livin' FOBulous

Take an inside look at the fleecing of Soldiers while they are deployed to Iraq. Every single day Soldiers are suckered out of their money by major corporations which tempt the young enlisted "Joe" to spend, spend, spend. All of these businesses are here in Iraq with permission of the U.S. Government, a willing partner in the race to make as much money as possible. See as I go undercover into these stores to give you the proof of these acts. Also see as Soldiers must bathe right next to air conditioning units and wash their hands and brush their teeth with brown water. All provided for Soldiers by those fine people at KBR. Greed, corruption, and putting Soldiers lives in harms way in this, our latest film, The Deployment Game: Livin' FOBulous

Thanks, Jen!

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