Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Black Homophobic, Islamophobic Pastor Arrested at Abortion Protest; Cries Racism

Members of a Concord-based conservative Christian group which opposes abortion, homosexuality and Islamic violence plan a week of demonstrations and protests in the Charlotte area, as part of the organization’s national conference....

Read more: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2010/07/20/1573140/group-plans-week-of-abortion-protests.html#ixzz0uEaqgoSP

Group members already have encountered the legal system in Charlotte. The Rev. Ronnie Wallace, identified on the group’s website as one of its members, was arrested Saturday by Charlotte-Mecklenburg police at an abortion clinic on Hebron Street in Charlotte. Wallace, 67, was charged with resisting a public officer. He was released on $300 bond...

News on this from mainstream media is scarce - mostly right-wing funamentalist blogs covering it. Here's the coverage from conservative Cenral PA:

Arrest of N.C. minister upsets Valley pastors -
Racism gaining ground, they say

SELINSGROVE — A black minister from North Carolina said he never attracted the attention of police while protesting outside abortion clinics until he started to speak about racism as well.

Valley ministers said the arrest of Pastor Ronnie Wallace is an alarming infringement of the minister's right to free speech.

Wallace, 67, of Charlotte, N.C., was arrested on July 17 after beginning to preach from atop a ladder to several people waiting outside the Family Reproductive Health Abortion Clinic in Charlotte.

Wallace begin preaching in the parking lot across the street from the clinic about eight years ago and said he never had any trouble until he added racism to his teachings.

"I get there about 7:30 a.m. every Saturday, and the police are already there waiting for me, but I started speaking about racism and how it is coming back to this country, and I guess the police didn't like to hear that," Wallace said....

Are the Pastor's civil rights violated, or the public's/consumer's right to be free from harrassment?

I found this video taken by the Pastor's supporters:

Racism here, but none at tea party rallies? Right-wing thought disorder:

Ken Hutcherson explains how the "Minority Thought Pattern" causes White people to be discriminated against and Black people to be duped by Democrats.

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