Monday, February 1, 2010

QBoy - 'Fight With Me (2010 Equality Anthem)'

On his FB page, QBoy writes:

February is LGBT History Month [UK] - Please watch & re-post my 2010 Equality Anthem - 'Fight With Me'

QBoy - 'Fight With Me (2010 Equality Anthem)'
Lyrics by QBoy
Produced by QBoy
Visuals created and edited by QBoy

You wanna fight me?
You wanna slice me?
You wanna name me?
You should claim me

Im valuable; watch me
Put me under lock and key
Dont try to control me
Ill win the war and fight for peace

Without gay there is no straight
Without you thered be no hate
Without white there is no black
Now what to do with facts like that

We are tough watch our might
Here for years we survive
Every cuss you shout at us
Builds our strength and makes us us

[BRIDGE x 2]
Homophobia no!
Racism no!
Prejudice no!
Fight with me
Come on lets go!

[HOOK A x 2]
Fight with me
Fight with me
Fight with me
Will you please just fight with me

We wont just go away
Well play for another day
No matter whats in your head
Fight ya until your hate is dead

Im cocky with my politics
See a problem want it fixed
No push over I wont sit down
I sing it loud with a crowd

Small minds get crushed
Easier than our lust
Passionate about rights
In your darkness we are light

Colours of the rainbow
In our tears you see it glow
Red orange yellow green
Blue purple pink is seen

[HOOK B x 2]
Fight with me
Fight with me
Fight with me
Fight with me
Fight with me
Fight with me
Will you please just fight with me

Dont forget my CD
I got moxie
The more you talk the less we get
Youre wasting all our oxygen

Plenty room for all of us
Living on this earths crust
Youre too blind you cant see
But youll see red as you bleed

Use your brain, dumb sheep
Formulate your own keep
Religion suffocates us all
Keeps us all under tight control

Love is in you dare you find it
If I could for you Id buy it
Peace of mind, strength of soul
til you shake hate youre not whole

You operate low frequencies
We just want equality
Live a life thats ours and free
Not take whats dictated to me

Gay marriage for everyone
Baby carriage - adoption
Well keep on fighting until we win
I want to hear you all join in

[BRIDGE x 2]

[HOOK A x 2]

[HOOK B x 2]

I beg you, please


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