Thursday, December 31, 2009

Second Annual Beaver Drop Set

Second Annual Beaver Drop Set - WNEP
New York City rings in the new year with a ball drop in Times Square.

In Snyder County, one community has a mighty unique way of doing it.

New Year's Eve 2008 and you can barely make out the figure dangling from a ladder truck in Beavertown. A video on YouTube captured the first annual Beaverdrop last year. This year, the beaver has had a bit of a makeover.

"There's no comparison. Last year it's like we were hanging somebody. This year it's a beaver, six foot two foot thick," said Paul Saylor, president of the Rescue Hose Company in Beavertown.

Folks in Beavertown pulled together to make this year's Beaverdrop another success. Richard Wagner showed off the new and improved beaver.....

Eat your heart out, city folks!

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