Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"What if the things they call me are true?"

uncertain (short video story) from LFM on Vimeo.



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Stone said...

Thanks for the wonderful post! Often times those of us who are "grown" and attending to the matters of "grown ups" dont' stop to deal or dwell on the issues affecting our Lgbt youth. While times are changing, there is a lot that hasn't. There is a staggering high amount of teenagers who commit or attempt suicide because of the bullying,worrying, self doubt,and homophobia they have to deal with. Sometimes it comes from the obvious source : a family member..often times peers. It's the reason why we all have to fight for equality and better understanding so that those who need support know that they aren't alone. I'm grateful there are places like the Hetrick Martin Institute, Ali Forney Center, The Trevor Project and others, but we have to get that info out as well.