Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rush Limbaugh Is A Racist

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Professional sports has always served to unite Americans across class, creed and race. Now Rush Limbaugh, whose career is driven by dividing Americans precisely along those lines, wants to buy an NFL football team.

Limbaugh is a racist and a chauvinist. His values are diametrically opposed to the traditions the NFL stands for. Limbaugh will poison professional football as he has poisoned the culture of American political discourse.

We stand with former and current NFL players in urging the league to reject Limbaughs ownership bid. Sports fans deserve better.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry guys but I fail to see where Rush is a racist. Sure he's a jerk but he's actually right about the white kids getting beat up and the black kids cheering on for Obama.

Seriously, queers need to get thier priorities in order. We have a black community that is openly homophobic, we need to do something about that.

Pulling the race card every time someone you don't like does something has exhausted itself. The boy who cried wolf. Unfortunately, there are people who really have suffered from racism and people constantly screaming RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACSIT every other minute has devalued that. You are ensuring Obama will only serve one term.
Well so is Obama, one reason being he is a homophobic bigot who is Anti-gay marriage.
Truthfully, let's try to focus. Blacks are very homophobic and that needs to be addressed.
Rush means nothing.