Friday, October 9, 2009

Allegedly Anti-Gay Cop Off the [Chicago] Streets, For Now

Allegedly Anti-Gay Cop Off the Streets, For Now - Chicagoist
The city's LGBT community (in addition to, ya know, people who don't dig police misconduct) received good news Thursday when it was announced Officer Richard Fiorito has been placed on desk duty pending the resolution of 20-some federal lawsuits alleging his misconduct.

As we previously reported here last month, Fiorito has been accused of framing lesbian and gay motorists for DUI charges, in addition to physically assaulting and verbally harassing them. His continued service on the streets of the oh-so-gay 23rd District amid the charges had been met with outcries from the community. A subcommittee of LGBT residents passed a resolution urging discipline toward the officer in late August.

The CPD had not made much action on the charges, first filed in March, until a press conference Tuesday. There, attorneys representing the plaintiffs released a video, shot from Fiorito's squad car, showing Fiorito giving a field sobriety test to an alleged drunk driver. According to the Windy City Times, though the man in the video, Michael Vaughn, appears to have passed the test, he was arrested anyway.....

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