Saturday, September 19, 2009

This is not about Eagle or Midtown, but all of Atlanta [USA]

'This is not about Eagle or Midtown, but all of Atlanta'
More than 100 people braved the rains today to gather at Atlanta City Hall at the second rally to protest the police raid of the Atlanta Eagle last week, outraged by the alleged harassment of the patrons in the bar as well as the eight men arrested. A first rally was held Sept. 13 in the parking lot of the Eagle.

With a makeshift cover of a large tarp for speakers to stand under as the rain poured down for nearly an hour, citizens demanded answers from the police department, elected officials as well as Mayor Shirley Franklin, who has remained silent on the issue since the raid of the gay leather bar occurred Sept. 10.

Speaking first was the APD’s LGBT liaison Officer Dani Lee Harris, who said while she can’t comment on the investigation, the allegations raised by those in the bar that night have her concerned as well. Harris did not find out about the raid until contacted by the media. Chief Richard Pennington said last week Harris should have been involved in the investigation from the beginning....

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