Monday, September 21, 2009

Mayor speaks out on Atlanta Eagle raid [SoVo]

Mayor speaks out on Atlanta Eagle raid

Calls for full investigation of allegations of police harassment

While shopping at Home Depot on Ponce de Leon today, Mayor Shirley Franklin took a quick moment to speak to Southern Voice about the recent raid of the Atlanta Eagle and allegations of police harassment made against the employees and patrons.

These are her first comments to Southern Voice after numerous requests. The interview was an impromptu one made after she was spotted in the store.

“If there are any allegations about misconduct it's our intention to investigate them and take the appropriate action. I believe that every person who lives or visits Atlanta should be treated fairly and justly,” Franklin said when asked about alleged inappropriate comments and reported heavy-handed manor of the city’s Red Dog anti-drug unit that carried out the raid.

Numerous patrons who were at the gay leather bar Sept. 10 when it was raided have filed complaints with the Office of Professional Standards claiming rough treatment as well as the use of anti-gay and racist language during the raid. Eight employees were arrested for permit violations while none of the patrons were arrested.....

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