Thursday, August 13, 2009

PA Toddlers march to protest budget stalemate

Toddlers march to protest budget stalemate | Philadelphia Inquirer | 08/13/2009
A crew of little marchers, carrying signs demanding an end to the budget impasse that imperils their day care center, took tiny steps along Bustleton Avenue this morning.

Their theme song, sung as a march, was not We Shall Overcome, but The Itsy Bitsy Spider.

But their cause was serious. They left from the front door of the Beautiful Beginnings Child Care Center, where painted images of Big Bird and Elmo peek from the front window. Their hands held by staff and parents, the children sought to protest the budget stalemate that is about to cut off subsidized payments to centers that serve low income parents. Advocates say that will put daycare centers out of business and force parents to give up jobs to care for their children.....

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