Monday, July 6, 2009

TX Man injured in raid of gay bar speaks out

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Man injured in raid of gay bar speaks out | Latest News |
More gathered in protest Sunday night after a questionable raid at a gay club in Fort Worth spurred a series of demonstrations.

Throughout the debate and investigation, the man allegedly hurt the worst in the raid remained silent. However, Sunday he finally spoke out.

On June 28, Chad Gibson was at the Rainbow Lounge when two TABC and seven Fort Worth police officers conducted a bar check at the newly opened gay nightclub in Fort Worth. Witnesses said the unprovoked officers manhandled Gibson and slammed him to the ground. Police said Gibson was intoxicated and grabbed an officer's groin.

Now, Gibson said he wants the officers involved in the raid prosecuted. He also called the response by the city of Fort Worth a cover-up.
Chad Gibson

Although the city has asked the U.S. Attorney General to review the investigation, Gibson said he has lost all confidence in law enforcement.

"You used excessive force and that's why I got hurt," he said.....

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