Saturday, July 18, 2009

Today, we're not all Georgians (The Video Game Where You Kill Gays )

The Video Game Where You Kill Gays  | News |
A video game that features a hunter shooting gay people is creating a furor in the former Soviet republic of Georgia.

The video game is hosted by a Georgian website but has already been banned in France, the home of the video game's creator, reports The objective of the game is to shoot nudists "before they bugger you."

A group called Gay Armenia is "completely disgusted," finding it particularly shocking that the concept was adopted by "those religious-minded people in Tbilisi, Georgia, who swear in the name of Georgian patriarchy and constantly cite Bible to ‘justify' their homophobia and hatred. Is this their (un-)‘orthodox' way of bringing up children by creating an image of an enemy (= gays) and teaching how to deal with it (= kill them)?"

The game, "Watch Out Behind You, Hunter," actually launched back in 2002....

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