Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pennsylvania White Supremacist Charged with Double Homicide


Police in New Hampshire have arrested a Pennsylvania white supremacist for the shocking double murder of his girlfriend and 18-month-old son inside the home they shared in the town of Effort, Pennsylvania.

Authorities in Pennsylvania have charged Michael John Parrish with criminal homicide, attempted criminal homicide and aggravated assault. Prosecutors have announced that they will seek the death penalty due to the special provisions of the killing of a child under 12 and a double homicide.

Parrish, a racist skinhead, was an associate of the Vinlanders Social Club, one of the larger racist skinhead groups in the United States. He was also a corrections officer at the Monroe County Correctional Facility, despite sporting numerous blatant white supremacist tattoos on his arms, neck and hands, including a Confederate flag, a swastika, a Wolfsangel, the word "HITLER," and others. The tattoos apparently did not concern prison officials; according to them, he was close to completing his one-year probationary period after being hired as a corrections officer in August 2008....

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