Tuesday, July 21, 2009

PA: Hate Flyers Found in Lycoming County, advocate killing...

Hate Flyers Found in Lycoming County - WNEP
Some alarming flyers were found in Lycoming County containing messages of hate.

Police in Old Lycoming Township said the flyers were picked up in several areas, including the police department parking lot.

The message on the flyers read, "Save America kill a cop, judge, politician" and followed with two racial slurs to describe African-Americans and Latinos. The sentence is finished with "and all the Jews."

Police said even more alarming is where the flyers were found.

"They were in the park and in the police department parking lot right here. They were across the street at the district judge's parking lot and the baseball fields," said Officer Eric Winters. "They appeared to be computer paper with a disturbing print out, very racial and talking about killing people."

Thirteen flyers in total were found after a jogger noticed one along the bike path that runs behind Green Avenue around 6 a.m. Monday.

Parents at a ball park where some were discovered were upset.

"I think you worry about your kids and stuff too, especially in an area like this," said Barbara Helminiek. "To be around the kids, if they would find something like it would scare them."

"That's pretty bad," said John Merrill. "Especially to put it around where kids are playing. It's very disappointing."

Police said they consider the flyers a threat to public safety, as well as to their own officers.....

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