Monday, July 6, 2009

Advocate: End for HIV Travel Ban

End for HIV Travel Ban  | News |
The federal government has taken a bureaucratic step that will finally remove restrictions that barred HIV-positive travelers from visiting the United States.

Regulations have been issued by the Department of Health and Human Services to lift restrictions against nonimmigrant visas for people with HIV/AIDS. The move comes more than a year after Congress passed, and Bush signed into law, a bill that repealed the 22-year-old ban on HIV-positive visitors....

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Vicente Duque said...

Dear Queer John :

A friend in the Internet said that he was very sad and anguished about his Homosexuality and his Christianity and the Bible then I wrote this furious cannonade :

I am Vicente Duque, a Horrible Monster and Atheist - And I despise Religious Control of Politics, And TV Bastards of Hypocrisy

I do not follow my life according to the Code of Hammurabi, 2,000 years before Christ, or the laws of the Hittites, 1400 years before Christ.

The Bible is a compendium of legends, probably written 500 years Before Christ.

I do not have to rule my life by a single book like the Bible or the Coram or Kuram.

Nobody has absolute Truth .. .and God is not so idiotic as presented by Religions, if it really exists ( I doubt it ... so much bastardy, cruelty and sadism, and the followers are worse than atheists )

I do not follow the dietary prescriptions and Taboos of Moses in the Desert of Sinai.

The Prescriptions for Priests and Holyness in the Pre Christian Bible are almost Ridiculous in their Primitiveness, like those of Ancient Roman Religion or Greek Religions. And Europe was filled with savages practicing Human Sacrifice to the Gods.

I do not have to rule my life according to Goddess Cybele or Mitra.

If you study the History of Christianity you find the same Rituals of Pagan Religions in the mass, ornaments, pomps, etc .. and many of the same Myths and Mysteries.

And pastors are no better than priests ... they are ever greedier and more exploitative of fools and weaklings.

Some people have to obey a priest or pastor and consult everything in their lives.

It is not necessary to say that I despise all these Bastard Politicians that use Religion to fuel their careers of Hypocrites. Careers filled with lies and Simulated Piety.

And I despise all these Hypocrites of TV that are constantly repeating how Good Christians they are and how Good Patriots. They are also filled with Homophobia, Racism, Hate, Bastardy, Cruelty and Sadism.

Vicente Duque