Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Read it. Learn it. Live it.

Daigle: Those Who Can, Teach | Gay News Blog | 365gay.com
[What will reduce the power of the rhetoric? An embrace of this current historical moment as a teachable moment.

Because it is. Our lives – our simple, boring, sometimes complicated and average lives – are now, more than ever, our greatest asset in fighting the rhetoric of the FRC. We need to be more than activists. We need to be teachers.

Success legislatively in pursuit of equality is tempered by the problem of social acceptance. It’s an ugly fact, but a fact nonetheless. And we can’t expect the social tides to change simply because the legal ones do. So with one eye on activism, we should train the other on individual advocacy – being out, taking the time to correct someone who uses a gay slur in public, start a blog (seriously, go start one. Tell your story. What could it hurt?), demonstrate in every small way the reality of gay men and women – we can be gay and moral, we can be gay and ethical, we can be gay and good role models, we can be gay and be a good teacher.

You can’t learn what you aren’t taught. So, teachers we must become.]

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