Wednesday, June 10, 2009

IRQR: Call to Action: Two Iranian Queer Asylum Seekers Need Your Support

IRanian Queer Railroad - IRQR
We are contacting you again to request your assistance on a very urgent case involving two Iranian queer asylum seekers: Roodabeh and Ali.
click here to find the sample letter

“Over the past several years, hundreds of LGBT people have escaped the repressive autocratic regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran, forming a small but colorful jetty in the stream of fleeing religious minorities and political dissidents. Many are resettled in Kayseri, a religious, dull, flat city in the middle of Turkey, sort of the Turkish equivalent of Topeka. Thousands of refugees live in dingy flats behind the pastel facades, hoping to find a permanent home in this or another country. Among them, there are a few dozen LGBT asylum seekers who, even among these exiles, are exiled....

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