Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Victory Fund: Consider openly LGBT Supreme Court Justice

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Vicente Duque said...

I could be very happy with a Gay, Lesbian or Transgender for the Supreme Court.

Gays have been monsterized, demonized and murdered. They can not sympathize with the bigots and owners of "God".


Latinos, Aliens, Extraterrestrials, Extragalactics, Monsters, Helots of Sparta and Nice Beautiful People in Pajamas

Since readers here have a very high level of Intelligence, Culture, Education, Sophistication, etc ... and since I started with the word "Latinos" then I do not need to explain who the Dangerous Aliens and Extragalactics are.

These Monsters that can destroy "Western Civilization" and produce Mongrelization and ThirWorldization.

They are very despicable but extremely dangerous and can produce the downfall of "Western Civilization" and are natural enemies of "God".

The "leeches" and "lowest primitives" ( words of Jay Severin of Boston Radio Fame ) could prove so dangerous as the Jews were for the Third Reich and the Nazis. The Great Aryan Race of HerrenMenschen and the Great HerrenVolk of Hitler, that is the Master Race.

But now that Lynching and Murder of "brownies" and "darkies" has been legalized, then the horrible monsters can be legally killed in any dark corner of a dark night, or in open daylight. They could be a species in danger of extinction.

I know that the Helots of Sparta survived and reproduced, even if it was perfectly legal to kill Helots by "Legal" Spartan citizens, killing for fun, entertainment and sport. And most important killing to train for future wars and battles.

But Mother Nature has her own ways. If Modern Helots know what is important, and if they think with prudence and caution then they would see that there is a path to "Salvation" ( but without "Reverends" and "Pastors" .... ( like those that keep a constant hate mail and hate comments against me ).

Be wary of the owners of "God" that also own "Western Civilization"-

Just be smart and see that winning small legal battles is more important than winning big battles like Comprehensive Immigration Reform ( CIR ) and Sonia Sotomayor as Supreme Court Justice. Do not overreach and do not get Dracula out of the coffin. Let him sleep in pefect oblivion.

The first obligation of a Republic is the survival of its citizens and residents, the survival of Human Beings, whatever their condition, because Human Beings are an asset, and the Spartans even used the Helots as Warriors, something that we are witnessing in these modern times of year 2009. It is always comfortable to wage war with mercenaries.

Although I do not recommend to go to war, if your own safety is not assured at home, and you can be legally killed by any gang of Terrorist Cowards, of Despicable Bastards.

And the Nice People in Pajamas ?

You already are very familiar with the "Nice People in Pajamas", because you see them every night on your TV. They are the physically beautiful people of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq.

They are more intelligent than us because they don't have to wear a tie, long sleeves shirt and tie. By the way I have been a salesman wearing those disgusting ties even in the worst summers.

I have always said that the most intelligent people in the World are the Chinese, because they invented comfortable shoes that do not torture your feet. But these Islamists are also very commfortable in their attires and I envy them.

Let them live in peace, and please do not bomb them in their poor villages. And do not go to war if your safety is not even assured at home.

Vicente Duque