Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Prop 8: Marriage Ban Upheld. Here's What's Next


Fearless Frost said...

As a heterosexual, this is my answer to the h8 devastation: http://prop8pledge.blogspot.com
Please, I encourage everyone to join me in taking the pledge. Spread the word!!

Vicente Duque said...

I support your fight for Gay Lesbian Transgender Rights. Keep fighting dear friend Queer John. We respect and admire you.


Fox News is in a big campaign to discredit Sonia Sotomayor, using the most Idiotic Republican Clowns, that are presented like Great Jurists and Experts. ( interviewed by Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Laura Ingraham, etc ..)


The Kernel and Nucleus of American Politics is Race and Racism, or in other words Minorities and the Destiny of Minorities. Everything revolves around Minorities, like planets around the sun.

Perhaps there are two suns and Gays Lesbians and Transgender enter the "Solar" system too !! ( a binary star )

Enter Fox News and you are hypnotized, mesmerized, suggested and hinted, nonstop 24hours/7days :

That Minorities are lazy, that they live on Welfare, that American Values are destroyed by Minorities or Gays. That Western Civilization is doomed if Minorities or Gays have some Progress. That Minorities and Foreigners are incapable of Civilization ( Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly ), that Mexicans, Latinos, Africans, etc ... are dangerous lepers with syphilis and other venereals.

They do not tell those lies outright but are always suggesting them in the most Hyprocrital way.

Some people like Glenn Beck speak as if they were the owners of "God" and with a very personal relation to "God" .... and I use quotes for "God" because that is not a Good God but an idiot God created by the deranged mind of a child that was raised in a dysfunctional family as Glenn Beck candidly admits. There may be a Good God, but that is not the God of Fox News Hyprocritally promoted by Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Bill O'Reilly, etc ...

Charles Krauthammer and Fred Barnes are most boring, even if they are not so stupid and idiotic as the other mentioned guys. Unfortunately Charles and Fred use their intelligence and culture to be boring, tiring. With all due respect I call Charles and Fred, the Mummy and the Zombie.

One rare and extraordinary day Juan Williams ( the Black Guy ) spoke up against them and stood up to say that Republicans were degenerating into a White Race Party that did not understand Minorities.

My opinion of Juan Williams changed 180 degrees after that speech. I know that Charles Krauthammer and Fred Barnes are highly respected in American Journalism. But for me they are dead corpses with a lot of cobwebs. I do not dislike them like Glen, or Bill, or Sean, or Laura. But my only use for Charles and Fred is to combat insomnia.


Vicente Duque