Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Miss California Press Conference

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Vicente Duque said...

Queer John :

I feel repugnance and revulsion against Gays being persecuted, harassed and even murdered.

I agree 100% with your fight for Kindness, Harmony for Different People. And other wonderful friends of these beautiful causes, that I respect and admire.

We need the Matthew Sheppard Act.

Hate Crime Legislation - Unsound, Absurd and Illogical Court decisions should be reviewed and appealed. Everywhere in the World -The Right to live and stay alive.

I have observed that Homophobics, Racists and furious antiObamists are enemies of the "Hate Crime" Concept and of all Federal Powers.

They dislike any Federal Intervention and defend "State Rights" in the extreme, so that they can commit whatever action and manipulate only the Local Authorities.

They say that any crime involves "Hate", and they do not see the danger for Society of the True Real Hate Crimes.

"Hate Crime" is a juridical concept not only for the USA but for all the World. This is necessary in all and every country on planet Earth, and there are already stricter legislations and constitutions in advanced or backward countries against Hate Crimes.

The First Duty of any Republic is to guarantee the right to live, the rigth to stay alive, of the Citizens, Residents, Visitors, or any Human Being inside their borders, with no excuses or exceptions.

Otherwise we would return to Sparta in Ancient Greece and the right to kill the Helots, for fun, sport and entertainment.

Human Life is an asset, even Sparta recognized that it needed Workers and Warriors and in extreme times of crisis had to employ the Helots as Mercenaries. Eventually the System of Oppression brought the downfall of Sparta

By the way, the military situation is grave and delicate :

Vicente Duque