Monday, April 13, 2009

Transgender murder trial could spark national conversation | Colorado's Online News Leader | Transgender murder trial could spark national conversation
WELD COUNTY - The prosecution says it is a hate crime against a transgender woman. The defense is expected to argue it was justified because the accused was misled about the victim's sexuality.

Angie Zapata was 18 years old when she was brutally killed in Greeley on July 17, 2008. Angie was born "Justin" but became transgender in her teenage years.

Police say Zapata was killed in her apartment by 31-year-old Allen Ray Andrade. They say Andrade admitted to police that he and Zapata met online and then set up a date.

According to court documents, he told investigators he was at her place when the relationship became physical and he found out Zapata was anatomically a man - then beat Zapata with a fire extinguisher.

A judge threw out a confession made by Andrade after the murder because he had clearly stated he was done making statements 40 minutes into a 2-hour-long interrogation. The judge also ruled the defense will not be allowed to present evidence that Andrade is a gang member....

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