Friday, April 10, 2009

LYNCH: The myth of the Toxic Gay

SF Gay & Lesbian Examiner: The myth of the Toxic Gay
[You can say all you want about how far the gay rights movement has come over the past 35 years, how antidiscrimination laws have changed to include sexual orientation, etc. But what I'm talking about is why we are still treated as a separate class of citizen, both by our federal government and in our personal, day-to-day interactions. You know, like how gay families are invisibile to the IRS and Census Bureau, and how people skip that invitation to share a bite of our salad at lunch. Or how you have to "butch it up" or "fem it up" around certain family members and coworkers. Or how actors and certain American Idol contestants are told by their agents to stay mum about their sexuality because telling the truth will ruin their career.]

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