Wednesday, April 15, 2009

ERA would end women's second-class citizenship

Only three more states are needed to declare gender bias unconstitutional.

ERA would end women's second-class citizenship | Philadelphia Inquirer | 04/12/2009
is the Washington representative for the ERA Campaign Network

When our forefathers broke from Britain, they left nothing to chance. They put it in writing.

In unified thought, spirit, and action, the Declaration of Independence was signed by 56 white, male landowners representing 13 colonies. Hardly reflective of America today, it formally challenged the notion of the "divine right of kings" and guaranteed wealthy men equal rights.

The Declaration of Independence provides the rationale through which the U.S. Constitution is interpreted. Therefore, the Supreme Court renders its judgments based on a legal precedent established 239 years ago of equality among men only!

With only one justice and one quarter of judges in state courts female, the odds are not in our favor. Furthermore, without the explicit wording and intention of women's rights documented in the principles of our government, women remain second-class citizens until we unite and declare otherwise....

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