Monday, April 13, 2009

Brizzle's Basket: New Words

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Yesterday I listened to a program on NPR. This Christian guy and a gay professor squared off on the issue of gay people.

They discussed our rights, whether gay acts are immoral. They discussed gay marriage and other things. … I don’t know. Even I am bored with the subject but here I am writing about it because…

I keep waiting for our version of Martin Luther King or our version of Pat Buchanan to come forth to do this for me but no one has and it doesn’t look like anyone will so please… let me try.

The part of it all that frustrates me most is when gay people ARE discussed they’re discussed ONLY as sexual beings. Homosexuals this and homosexuals that.

I want very much to somehow, some way introduce some new words into society. Words like homoemotional, homospiritual, homohumorous, homosocial… to somehow show, teach, say: GAY PEOPLE ARE NOT JUST SEXUAL.

Like straight people aren’t JUST sexual....

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