Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Americablog must read: Spain's Matthew Shepard

Spain's Matthew Shepard
A truly horrific story out of Spain. You need to read the article, but in a nutshell, a gay couple invited a guy home from a gay bar, and in the middle of the night the guy stabs them 57 times, puts a blanket over one guy's head, ties a cable around it, and tethers the man's now dead head to a bed post. And guess what? They jury acquitted him!

First, more on what this sicko did:

There are no independent witnesses, but police and forensic experts say that the murder rampage began around 4:00am. Apparently, Pérez Triviñio was stabbed first but did not die. Piñeiro then stabbed Anderson Luciano twice while in the couples' room, and 22 more times as he followed his victim out of the room, into a corridor and out to the living room - where he died....

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