Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Opening Statements in Brian Kocis Murder trial in PA

harlow cuadra bryan kocis luzerne county murder trial - WNEP
Harlow Cuadra, of the Virginia Beach area, is on trial, accused of brutally murdering a man who was a rival in the gay pornography business.

Bryan Kocis was killed in his Back Mountain home in 2007. His body was discovered, stabbed inside his Dallas area home.

Investigators said Kocis was murdered and his home torched to cover up the crime.

The victim's family sat through the first day of testimony, listening as a deputy coroner, forensic pathologist and other experts told jurors that Kocis was nearly decapitatted, stabbed 28 times and had to be identified by dental records. Graphic autopsy photographs and a knife were also shown in court....

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