Thursday, February 5, 2009

Action Alert: Counter the right-wing extremist hate rhetoric and action

Action Alert
National Coalition for Sexual Freedom

Support the Holiday Inn Worthington, the Host Hotel for Winter

Please make a phone call now to support the Holiday Inn Worthington,
the host hotel for Adventures In
Sexuality's (AIS) Winter Wickedness Event taking place February 6-8th

( The religious
extremist group, Americans for Truth About
Homosexuality, along with a local religious radio station in the
Columbus, Ohio, area are running a
smear campaign against this pansexual BDSM event.

Peter LaBarbara of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality calls the
event "a freakish sadomasochistic
perversion-fest" and urges people to call the hotel's corporate
headquarters to pressure them into
canceling "for the sake of decency and public health."

Bob Burney, a religious extremist Talk Radio DJ, devoted an entire
segment of his show slamming Winter
Wickedness and attempting to link the event with non-consensual and
criminal activities. He urged his
listeners to call and mount a campaign against the hotel. (Tuesday,
Part 3 starting at 10 min 42sec:
http://www.home. WRFDInsiderPage. htm)

It will only take a minute for you to help! It doesn't matter where
you live or if you're not going to
attend this event. Please call the Intercontinental Hotels Group
Corporate Customer service line at 800-
621-0555, then press option 1, then option 5, and thank them for not
discriminating against groups, and
for being willing to face minor adversity for the sake of our

You can also call the Holiday Inn Columbus-Worthingto n today at
614-436-0700 b they'll be very glad to
hear a friendly voice to counter the hatred of the religious

Suggested points to make:

1. Thank you for upholding the Fair Accommodations Act and choosing
not to discriminate against legal

2. Please don't let a small number of religious extremists manipulate
you by drumming up fear with their
misinformation campaigns.

3. There are over 200 weekend-long BDSM events that take place every
year in America b we bring in a lot
of revenue in these hard times. We like to stay at hotel chains where
we have been welcomed when we're
traveling on personal or business travel.

4. Organizers of BDSM events such as Winter Wickedness at The Holiday
Inn comply with state and local
laws prohibiting public sexual intercourse and other forms of sexual
intimacy. Demonstrations, lectures
and discussion groups as well as dinners and evening parties compose
the variety of offerings to guests,
nothing different from any of the other hundreds of conventions
hosted by your franchisees on a weekly

5. Thank you for standing strong against hate and ignorance.

Please pass this on to your friends to call now!

February 4, 2009


The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom is a national organization
committed to creating a political,
legal, and social environment in the United States that advances
equal rights of consenting adults who
practice forms of alternative sexual expression. NCSF is primarily
focused on the rights of consenting
adults in the SM-leather-fetish, swing, and polyamory communities,
who often face discrimination because
of their sexual expression.

National Coalition for Sexual Freedom

822 Guilford Avenue, Box 127
Baltimore, MD 21202-3707

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Anonymous said...

Bob Burney of WRFD has never renounced his racist past: he graduated from Bob Jones University in 1970, one year before blacks were admitted.