Friday, January 30, 2009

They're organizing to protect DOMA already

They're organizing to protect DOMA already - Washington Blade
Thanks to SFist for this post on the in-place efforts to keep the Defense of Marriage Act intact. The site is called the DOMA Defense Fund, it's part of the National Organization for Marriage, and the Prop 8 win has certainly mobilized these people. Despite the fact that Obama, Hillary and plenty of other lawmakers want the law gone, anti-gay marriage activists are still going strong. They even quote the Blade in their call to action!

The site says: "If we don't act now, DOMA will soon be repealed -- quickly, quietly and with little fanfare. It's up to us -- you and me -- to make sure the American people know that DOMA is under attack, and that our elected officials know how deeply we believe in marriage. Together we can make a difference even in Washington!"

They're asking supporters to write their lawmakers and donate money to help them spread the word. And, as the SFist post says, they're using the same lies that helped Prop 8 pass...


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