Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Serosorting Blamed for Rise in Syphilis Rates

Serosorting Blamed for Rise in Syphilis Rates :: EDGE on the Net
Among alarming STD stats released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is a rise in syphilis cases partly due to HIV positive men practicing unsafe sex with HIV positive partners.

Known as "serosorting," the practice of sexual activity without the use of condoms between men with the same or similar strains of HIV can lead to the transmission of other STDs.

A Jan. 13 article carried by Reuters reported that new cases of syphilis are up over 80 percent since the year 2000, with 65 percent of the 11,466 cases reported in 2007 being gay and bisexual men.

However, other STDs have affected far larger numbers...

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