Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Saturday January 10th, 2009 Make An Impact!

Nationwide DOMA Protest - Join the Impact
On Saturday January 10th, 2009
We ask you to join us in making the LARGEST IMPACT YET!
Let's take our message all the way up the ladder to President Elect Barack Obama himself!

On January 10th, we will come together as one UNITED FRONT asking the LGBTQ community to join us in signing an Open Letter to President Barack Obama, during a NATIONAL DOMA PROTEST.

This letter will remind President Elect Barack Obama of the promises he made to us.
It will also serve as a pledge from our community that we will hold him to his promises and help him achieve them.

We can’t just put a letter online and ask that people sign it.
We need to take to the streets. As we all know…
Outreach & Education Will End Discrimination.
We MUST Infiltrate, to Educate, and Stop Hate!

Protest DOMA National Rally - 1/10/09 (Promo)

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