Thursday, January 8, 2009

Gay man gets 6 years in stabbing

Father rails at court, media after son's killer gets 6 years in stabbing | | The Coloradoan,
A judge sentenced Adrian Allen to six years in prison Wednesday after he admitted to stabbing an unarmed stranger in August 2007 following a drunken night of partying that ended in accusations of homophobia.

Allen, who is openly gay, pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the
death of Joey Martell, 18. Allen had faced second-degree murder
charges. Allen's lawyers argued that Allen was only defending himself
in his own home from the drunken Martell, who witnesses said had
threatened to attack "faggots."

Allen and Martell were strangers
when they met in a bar in downtown Fort Collins, but they and other
friends went back to Allen's apartment to continue partying...

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Anonymous said...

Allen killed my friend. And being gay is no longer a minority. He is a person just like everyone else and deserves more then he got. And as an update he tech. didn't even get 6 years, he'll probably be able to walk in less then a year. people that steal get an average of at least 6-8 years. Allen is a person...and a murderer....he didn't stop after just one stab