Friday, January 2, 2009

'CREATED EQUAL': MC Flow takes on Prop h8ters

Our beloved fem-cee MC Flow just released this hip-hop response to a bad prop, which she wrote after November 4, when California decided only heteros can be on the Target wedding registry (Prop 8).

And yeah that's Golden Hill, Hillcrest and Downtown starring alongside her and those good San Diegans holding poster-boards.

Photographer Rebecca Joelson met MC Flow's dancer, G.G., at the Hillcrest Farmers Market, and, with her husband, Kevin, shot MC Flow's Auntie-comes-out-at-the-garage-sale video "Incredible" and later, the heart felt "Created Equal" (above).

"Understanding the struggle and feeling the urgency of getting her message out, we jumped on the idea to make the video," Rebecca said in an email. Not to get too technical, but for you heads out there wanting to make a video of this quality, some tips from the videomaker...

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