Saturday, November 1, 2008

Bilerico: Massive Cyber Attack freezes Donations in Florida Amendment 2 Fight

The Bilerico Project | Massive Cyber Attack freezes Donations in Florida Amendment 2 Fight
The Florida Red & Blue Campaign is turning the issue over to law enforcement.

This is indeed the latest in a long string of deceptive and illegal activity in the Florida fight coming from the direction of Amendment supporters. The Florida4Marriage Campaign has already been found to be using photoshopped ads from other campaigns (which may be a way of skirting campaign reporting laws), sending out false press releases with inaccurate numbers of attendees for events, incorrectly informing voters of the source of advertising funding for TV ads, and most seriously, illegally shielding donors and funneling money through non-profit groups.

One has to wonder how the "moral majority" can be so willing to push this Amendment with lies, deceit, and illegal activity.

Perhaps it is because this Amendment was created to turn out conservative voters in a swing state in an important election year- which could explain why the Florida Republican Party donated more than $350,000 to the Florida4Marriage Campaign. They may have given even more but funneled it through the non-profits as to not have to disclose it.

Or perhaps it is because the entire basis of the Amendment itself is deceptive. The purposefully vague wording (especially the "substantial equivalent" to marriage language) is meant to confuse voters into not only writing a ban on same-sex marriage into the constitution, but also stripping away important domestic partnership rights and benefits for unmarried couples, gay and straight, across the state.

Whatever the reasoning behind this Amendment, one thing is clear: We cannot allow it to pass.

While there can't be any more donations, we still have a huge ground game to run. Help fight Amendment 2 no matter where you live- by spreading the word, emailing friends, volunteering to phone bank from wherever you are, or volunteering on Election Day to educate voters at the polls. Go to for more information on how to help...

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