Friday, October 17, 2008

McCain's Chaucer Obsession Finally Acknowledged

SPLICETODAY.COM | Politics & Media | McCain's Chaucer Obsession Finally Acknowledged
[In that Aprille Joe the Plummer rode
Through towne on his golden commode.
He broughte with him his dreeme
Of owning hys own drain companie.
Tho riche he was, he had noe way
Of parting with hys money that daye.
It was not hys fault, but the Southwark elite’s
Who ignored his plight and dranke his mead.
He hadde to do somethinge so donned a costume
Of Carhartt overalls and acted a foole.
Looke at me, he cride, I love the poore and Im ther king
I can even pretend to lyke mule racing.
It doesnt mattere if Ive never laid a bricke
Im the original Maverick.
Lend me yer ears and Ill cleene out yer pipes
Let me tell you aboute real sacrifice.]

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