Monday, October 27, 2008

McCain Campaign Funds Voter Fraud

At a Hillary Clinton rally for Obama in Utah Saturday Oct 25th and I was interviewing people in the rope line on how the financial crisis was affecting them. A couple told me about receiving a McCain Campaign funded invitations mailed to the Utah address, to get Florida absentee ballot mailed to them. I went to their home and taped an interview and have the documents in a safe place. McCain mailed it to their Utah address yet on the return postcard to the County Supervisor of Elections in Tampa, had their old Florida Address pre-printed. The man, I call Joe the Veteran, was a registered Republican in Florida and had voted for Bush. The mailings look like an attempt to get Joe the Veteran and other Veterans who moved away from Florida to vote twice and to commit voter fraud. Joe the Veteran is now voting for Obama and believes this was a illegal tactic to swing Florida in a tight race.

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