Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sarah Palin: Obama's message resonates in Alaska

OBAMA DYNAMIC ! WHAT?? Alaska Embraces His Message!! WHAT??? Obama Message Resonating! WHAT??? Alaska 'USUALLY a red state'... Sounds and looks like what Palin is saying with her enthusiasm is that she'd LOVE to vote with other Alaskans and put Barack Obama in the White House! You can tell a lot from someone when they are excited. Republicans Take the Cake.

I can only imagine that she was about to support Barack Obama before she got that phone call from John McCain - figuring on her part that the resonance would further her career in Alaska. She's a fair weather supporter, just as Joe Lieberman and so many others before them who jump and turn 180 degrees at the sight of an opportunity that is easier to grab than working within their own party.

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