Monday, August 11, 2008

NE PA PrideFest Official Statement Re: Protesters


I'm taking the day off, and will get back in the swing of things tomorrow, but I just did a follow-up interview with WILK and here is what I want us all to say about the protesters, since many of you have sent me e-mails and concerns about them.

"Honestly, we are very honored that ultra-conservative protesters chose our event to show up at. It means there's something in NEPA to protest against.
The GLBT community has been discriminated and silenced ourselves many many times over the years. These folks traveled from out of state to attend our inaugural event to exercise their freedom of speech and we worked with the police and our security to provide them a safe way to exercise that right in a non-confrontational manner.
I guess this means that we've joined the list of credible, 'official' gay pride events. We’re pretty happy about that!"

John Dawe
Executive Director

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