Monday, March 17, 2008

Unity Tour 08 (homo-hop)

Unity Tour '08

The Unity Tour 2008 is a homo-grown, national gay hip-hop tour. The main goal of the tour
is to bring people together using the power of this exploding new music genre called gay
hip-hop. The tour will bring together everyone in the GLBT community during a night of great
music and entertainment.

The Unity Tour’s headliner, Bigg Nugg, is taking his message out to the streets once again.
Bigg Nugg has received many great articles and reviews in magazines such as Curve Maga-
zine, A Bears Life Magazine and many more! The success of last year’s HomoRevolution
Tour has helped form a foundation for this years tour.

The Unity Tour will also feature Atlanta’s “DaLyrical” and Columbus Ohio’s “Unecc” (pro-
nounced Unique). These two talented lesbian MC’s will bring their high energy stage per-
formances each and every night. Over the years, both of these performers have taken the
stages at Pride Celebration around the US. Other special guests are also scheduled to ap-
pear throughout the tour!

The Unity Tour wants to bring out love for gay hip-hop, and our love for the gay community,
to your city !

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