Monday, March 17, 2008

Menage a McGreevey (newslinks)

Planned gay vigil sparks protest (WI)

Ex-Aide Claims 3-Way Sex With McGreeveys
A former aide to ex-Gov. Jim McGreevey claims he had sexual trysts with McGreevey and his now-estranged wife while they dated before the governor took office...

Baghdad rocked as McCain, Cheney visit

Abba drummer found dead in his garden

Black Jesus, Gay Jesus and Obama

Complicity in Iran's Anti-Gay Jihad

Gay Couples Say Civil Unions Aren’t Enough

Bill Moyers Journal: Going after the whistleblowers

High court takes broadcast indecency case
The Supreme Court on Monday announced it would review broadcast indecency standards in a case involving celebrities who uttered expletives at the Golden Globes and other award shows....

U.S. Court Takes Up Gun Rights After 217 Years of Saying Little

NYT ED: A Poor Choice on Civil Rights

Experts Say More STD Screening Needed in Gay Men

US Nears 4,000 Dead in Iraq!?

Gays fear an influx of hate

Transgender people step out, risk ridicule, worse

Glad to be gay and grey in Berlin's new old people's home

AIDS Rates Surge Among African-American Men

Out Magazine's Ten Essential Transgender Titles

GOP senator: Gays invited "violent backlash" against murdered kids

Video: Lesbian Comes Out in Newsweek Article at 88
"It's OK to be who you are."

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